200 startups are already part of goCircular Radar

goCircular Radar is the first map of startups in the circular economy sector, created by TheCircularLab, the Ecoembes open innovation centre.

This initiative brings together all the startups that innovate in the circular economy, making their work in this field visible and promoting collaboration with other companies, administrations or groups.

Currently, there are already a total of 200 startups that are part of goCircular Radar, wanting to be an active part of a change of model in society in which there is a transition from a linear model to a circular one, based on the three Rs of the economy. circular: reduce, reuse and recycle.

The process to sign up for goCircular Radar is free and information on the startups that have joined the initiative is available on its website so that companies and other operators in the sector can get information and contact them.

All those interested in being part of this community can register at the following link.