Startups of the month – January

To start the year, we want to introduce you to 6 startups that are already part of the goCircular Radar community:

La hormiga verde is dedicated to the recycling of electronic waste, the recovery of plastics from WEEE and the production of shredded plastic and plastic wood.

Detektia is a startup specialized in the control and monitoring of ground movements and infrastructures from space. It has developed EyeRADAR, a tool for monitoring the terrain and infrastructures based on the integration of DInSAR technology and Artificial Intelligence. EyeRADAR provides information on the behavior of the entire aquifer, characterizing with millimeter precision its dynamics and charge and discharge cycles at any point on the planet with millimeter precision and without the need for ground instrumentation.

SingularGreen S.L. is a company with high technological capacity, based on three pillars: Great technical experience, continuous R+D+I and two patents. It is completely specialized in Nature-based Solutions (NBS) and its objective is the integration of vegetation in buildings and cities, as a way of improving the quality of life, through private and urban level.

Diskonforme is an online store of sustainable and groundbreaking products that aim to leave behind a commitment to the planet, conscious purchasing and social ethics.

ScrapAd is the leading platform in the recycling sector worldwide to connect buyers and sellers of all kinds of scrap metal/recyclable materials/cardboard/plastic and others.

Circular design factory is a creative company, specialized in the areas of ecodesign and the circular economy. Its main objective is to enrich the design processes by incorporating new attitudes that favor the reduction of environmental impacts in the creation of new products. They are experienced professionals in the design, prototyping and development of products for different productive sectors: domestic equipment, packaging, household appliances, street furniture, capital goods, interactive terminals, etc. They incorporate, in the projects they develop, an innovative character and knowledge of production processes and markets, to implement creative and environmentally friendly solutions.