Ecoembes, through its Innovation Center TheCircularLab, launches an initiative to create the first catalog of startups within the Circular Economy sector. This project will promote the visibility of new innovative companies in a growing sector and make it easier for them to come into contact with other operators in the sector. To date, there is … Read more

We invite you to join this project together to bet on change, adding innovation and sustainability. Since TheCircularLab was created, “entrepreneurship has been the cornerstone of our open innovation model.” In this sense, the Center has a startup accelerator that in three and a half years “has evaluated more than 350 startups from the five … Read more

In just 5 days from the launch of the project on January 15, 2021, 30 startups from the Circular Economy sector have already joined. Our objective is to incorporate not only startups that are already operating within the sector, but also to serve as a speaker for those who are taking their first steps and … Read more