Circular In Motion

Datos de la startup

  • Nombre / Circular In Motion

  • Año de fundación / 2020

  • Ubicación / Países Bajos

  • Cadena de valor / Otras

  • Etapa en la cadena de valor / Reciclaje y segunda vida

Datos de la startup

  • Ámbito de la actividad / Comercio online

  • Descripción de la actividad / Reciclaje y segunda vida

    Enabling the sustainable transformation of the economy through circular business digitalization. The buy & sell e-commerce platform for certified circular materials. The platform enables companies to connect, generate business, and create value chains around sustainability and circular economy. We promote interconnectivity of companies, materials, and industries to operate in an unrestricted digital environment. We offer a trustworthy ecosystem that facilitates and certifies commercial transactions in a secure digital environment, via blockchain technology. Through transparency, the platform promotes proof of origin and traceability of the sustainable and circular materials to enable the shift toward a Circular Economy. We enable our users to gauge supply and demand mismatches, promoting long-lasting commercial relationships and ensuring long term demand aggregation whilst creating added value to businesses and society. We make circularity a reality. Circular in Motion adds value by offering a comprehensive solution on: 1. Value chain connectivity and creation 2. Traceability & proof of origin 3. Transparency and visibility 4. Standardisation 5. Gauge supply & demand 6. Increase marketability of recyclates/renewable materials 7. Smart contracts and operational efficiencies

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