Don Pallets
Startup data
Company Name Don Pallets
Value chain Other
Stage in the chain Recycling and second life
Year of incorporation 2017
Main Activity We are dedicated to recycling and reusing pallets from the logistics industry to give them a new use both as new pallets, as well as in their transformation as furniture made from wood.

In order not to generate waste we can continue using them as such, repairing them if necessary, but extending their useful life and as furniture we are manufacturing recycling points or clean points.

Coca-Cola recycling point

Concha y Toro recycling point

Decathlon recycling point

Nestlé Recycling Point

In addition to giving pallets a new life and recycling them for a new use, we create workshops where we teach the best way to recycle and build your own furniture without having to buy in retail.

Main area of activity Manufacturing
Country Spain
Town Madrid