Startup data
Company Name Ohhna
Value chain Textile
Stage in the chain Ecodesign, new materials and manufacturing
Year of incorporation 2019
Main Activity Clothing brand for women in which we work under criteria of sustainability and responsibility. High-quality knitwear and timeless designs for a long service life.
Ohhna is committed to national production from high-quality organic raw materials. Organic cotton, for example, comes from Turkey and India and is OCS certified. Recycled cotton, on the other hand, has Spanish and Portuguese origin.
The pastel tones that dominate Ohhna's color palette are the result of mixing recycled cotton -which is already colored- with organic cotton -which is always reserved in ecru. This makes water consumption zero and at the same time reduces the use of chemicals and dyes.
Garments are cut and made in companies in Cocentaina, Alcoy and Sabadell, reducing transport pollution and boosting the local economy.

Main area of activity Manufacturing
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Country Spain
Town Cocentaina