Startup data
Company Name
Value chain Other
Stage in the chain Recycling and second life
Year of incorporation 2020
Main Activity is an online community based on the Circular Economy, C2C. The web platform was designed so that supply and demand connect to achieve mutual benefits, where items can be offered and exchanged without using money, reducing the impact on the environment. By exchanging and not buying these new items, you reduce the water footprint and carbon emissions generated by their manufacture.
It has the following objectives:
• transform our culture of "throw away" and "buy new" to build a self-sufficient community of conscientious consumers.
• reduce waste by reusing products.
• optimize people's money in the face of the COVID 19 crisis

The community was formed on May 6, 2020 when we created a private Facebook group that today has more than 7500 members, and since December 2020 we started working at

Main area of activity Online store
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Country Uruguay
Town Montevideo