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Blue Room

Blue Room Innovation, an innovation company specialized in advanced technologies such as blockchain and AI.

Its unique innovation ecosystem brings together recognized companies with experts in different areas, in innovation and with the collaboration of different partners in the country and throughout Europe. Working in digital and physical environments, they contribute their experience in three main areas: Open innovation, digital transformation, as well as help in the transformation and transition of companies towards digitization and sustainability.

Blue Room Innovation is part of the TheCircularLab ecosystem, offering solutions for the awareness and sensitization of citizens in the digital transition process of the ecological environment and recycling.



Blue Room works as a technology partner and co-creator of the Ecoembes RECICLOS project. RECYCLES, the first digital recycling system that puts technology at the service of citizens and promotes the recycling of plastic beverage cans and bottles through incentive schemes. The value proposition of RECICLOS consists of: a more efficient waste management, community feeling, a leading project in innovation and with the same recycling process, open and voluntary based on existing containers for selective classification. All this is possible thanks to three technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and geolocation. Currently RECICLOS is already implemented in more than 25 municipalities and it is estimated that by the end of this year it will reach all regions of the country, adding a total of 40 municipalities. Thanks to RECYCLES, municipalities such as Sant Boi de Llobregat have managed to increase the tonnes of selectively collected packaging by 25%.


Human team

Blue Room Innovation is made up of a multidisciplinary and transversal team with experts in the innovation and digital transformation sector.

The Blue Room Innovation team is made up of experts in innovation and project financing, the IT team and the Marketing, communication and creativity team.

Denisa Gibovic, CEO of Blue Room Innovation and with a professional career of 20 years, is an expert in open innovation, an international cooperator and a promoter of sustainable developments.



Blue Room Innovation is located in the city of Girona.

You can visit the Blue Room website at the following link.