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CMplastik’s goal is to protect the environment and people’s health, creating sustainable solutions from post-consumer waste. We want to ensure that our society maintains its level of development without compromising the resources of tomorrow.

Our strength is in the development and manufacture of new products from waste. We are looking for a product for a material, not a material for a product.

Projects in the field of Circular Economy

Chips range: COMMUNICATE! The Virutas range is created with a very clear intention, to communicate to the population that recycling matters. The Chips model is new and daring, it is the clear example that what we do with our waste has consequences. Through recycling we get raw materials, which we use in our products, giving them a second and prosperous life. We have tried to show this process in a way that the citizen can appreciate the importance of his actions and the good that it can do to others and to himself.

Banco Albufera: The Circular Economy is structured around 3 principles that are well known: Reduce, Repair and Recycle, the rule of the three R’s. With this idea in mind, we have developed a project that fully complies with these three dogmas. This bank uses the rice husk, a residue from agriculture, as a load for the realization of a final product. With this we manage to reduce the use of raw material (Plastic). They are repairable, since it has a modular structure and does not require maintenance and is also 100% recycled and recyclable among many other advantages.

Samurai Composter: This project is based on the reuse of plastic waste from the urban area through the Valencia Interior consortium, it consists of the manufacture of domestic compost bins that will be a gift for those citizens who recycle the most. A recycled product made for recycling.


Human team

CMplastik is a young company in which we do not have a team, we have a family. In this house the illusion and the search for new challenges rule, for this we have managed to have versatile people, including specialized technicians in the polymer sector, in manufacturing, designers, a staff capable of making from key rings to monuments.

This family was founded thanks to the two entrepreneurs who saw the need to create new technological solutions to current problems.

Tamara Gutiérrez: Co-founder of CMplastik. She is responsible for the administration and good practices in the company. Her constancy and dedication have been the bases on which we have grown and developed the project. Her creativity inspires us to seek better solutions and better designs, having efficiency as part of our responsibility when providing solutions to our clients.

Carlos Martínez Lapuente: Co-founder of CMplastik. In love with recycling and master of composites. His experience in the sector goes beyond this company, thanks to his knowledge we have been able to create new materials, solving old and new problems.

CMplastik is located in Valencia.

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