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SpectralGeo was born in 2016 from the vision of the future and the entrepreneurial mentality of a computer engineer specializing in data analysis, Heidi Moreno, and a biologist expert in environmental and agricultural management, Carlos Tarragona.
The main activity of the company with headquarters in Logroño and Alfaro is to implement the use of new technologies through the development of vision systems and artificial intelligence applied through innovation and research projects. It focuses on the advanced analysis of information and images from both satellite and airborne sensors on drones or fixed sensors, to address jobs and problems in the environmental, circular economy and precision agriculture sectors.
With a marked vocation for innovation, he is a member of the European Commission’s Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation. This vocation has led him to be part of the competitive benchmark program in business acceleration: The Circular Lab (ECOEMBES). In 2018 he was the winner of the Entrepreneur XXI Awards, promoted by CaixaBank. At the end of 2019, it was recognized with the award for the best Junior Company of the year awarded by AITER – Association of Telecommunications Engineers of La Rioja. In 2020 it received the innovation award in the latest edition of the “2020 Field Awards”, awarded by Bankia, the University of La Rioja and the government of La Rioja, and it has obtained recognition for the best innovation and 2020 digitization of La Rioja, granted by Banco Santander, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and the Government of La Rioja.
He is currently a partner and provider of technical knowledge in different European, national and regional R&D projects that promote the use of new technologies.


Projects in the field of Circular Economy

1. Pilot project “Remote sensing with drones for the calculation of volumes, classification of materials and industrial inspection”.

It consists of the use of specific airborne sensors in drones to acquire and analyze relevant information from the La Rioja Ecopark, in order to increase the productivity and efficiency of the plant.
The Circular Lab (ECOEMBES), Valoriza (Sacyr) and SpectralGeo have participated in the execution.

2. Varpel System – Artificial Vision System for the configuration of Recipes in Light Packaging Selection Plants

VARPEL is a system made up of software components, IoT devices and artificial vision, which will allow the calculation of the volume and density of the material deposited on the discharge beaches.
The varpel system captures information in the form of photographs by means of IoT cameras that will be installed in a fixed and elevated position on the discharge beach or areas designated for this purpose. From these photographs the varpel system generates three-dimensional information and is capable of calculating the volume and density of the deposited material. This information allows the optimization of the operation of the machinery and, consequently, the increase in the efficiency of the container selection processes.


Human team

The SpectralGeo team is one of the company’s greatest strengths, it has a highly qualified multidisciplinary team, made up of computer engineers, mathematicians, agronomists and biologists, with extensive experience in vision and artificial intelligence and project management. information technology.

Heidi Moreno Hernandez

Heidi is a Systems and Computing Engineer from the National University of Colombia, a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and a Specialist in Business Intelligence and Big Data from the Open University of Catalonia. She is a member of the PMI-Project Management Institute and holds the international PMP (Project Management Professional) certification since 2014, which supports our use of good practices in project execution.
In July 2018 she participates in the Ignite Fast Track, taught by the University of Cambridge. It is an intensive international acceleration course for entrepreneurs, with a magnificent acceptance of the SpectralGeo project.

Carlos Tarragona Pérez

Co-founder, and CEO of SpectralGeo. Degree in Biological Sciences, Environmental and Agricultural specialty, Masters in Environmental Management in the company, and Specialist in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing from the Complutense University of Madrid.
He is a member of the Alliance for the Innovation of the Internet of Things because of his interest in the application of new technologies in different traditional sectors, such as the circular economy, precision agriculture and industry 4.0.


Visit his website at the following link.