Startups are the engine of change

We invite you to join this project together to bet on change, adding innovation and sustainability.

Since TheCircularLab was created, “entrepreneurship has been the cornerstone of our open innovation model.”

In this sense, the Center has a startup accelerator that in three and a half years “has evaluated more than 350 startups from the five continents and has accelerated 30 of them”, highlighting names such as Uxer, BlueRoom or Pixelabs, among other

With this new initiative we want “not only to know more startups in the field of the Circular Economy sector, but also to be known by others” within the same sector and also by third sectors, the media and society as a whole.

We started goCircular Radar in 2021 and “we hope that startups from all over the Spanish territory can come together and generate a greater impact among all and, in this way, promote the effective transition to a circular economic and social model”.

Zacarías Torbado is Coordinator of TheCircularLab (Ecoembes)