Startups of the month – June

In this month of June, the 6 startups highlighted are focused on Ecodesign, manufacturing and new materials, as well as Recycling and second life, and are as follows:

Regarding the stage of the value chain dedicated to Ecodesign, manufacturing and new materials, we find:

AGROW ANALYTICS, platform to monitor the water available in fields and crops in real time and in the future to optimize its use and improve the useful life of this scarce resource.

ASHES TO LIFE, dedicated to the manufacture of unique natural cosmetic using organic ashes which, in addition to providing their mineral active ingredients from the vegetable, have a great capacity to adsorb toxins and impurities and improve the flexibility and softness of the skin in addition to being ecological and respectful cosmetics. environment.

ZYMVOL BIOMODELING, specialized in the design, development, and application of molecular modelling software to accelerate enzyme discovery and optimization, aimed at any company in need of biocatalysts

On the other hand, startups focused mainly on Recycling and second life, we highlight:

BOWER, through recycling and its mobile application, help achieve their sustainability goals, strengthen your brand and get invaluable insights about a company’s consumers.

CMPLASTIK, with the aim of contributing to the promotion of a circular economy based on minimising the use of virgin materials and contributing to the preservation of the environment, are dedicated to the manufacture of new products derived from recycled materials.

VERIDIS, propose a technology for thermal analysis of plastics to be recycled aimed at plastics recyclers to improve quality control in the process.