Startups of the month – October

This November we would like to introduce you to another 6 startups that, in addition to operating in the field of the circular economy, are already part of the GoCircular RADAR community. are dedicated to the collection, management and recycling of coffee capsules and coffee grounds. In this way, they obtain material from recycling to manufacture eco-designed products.

RECYCAP manufacture a capsule coffee machine of similar dimensions to the current ones that not only prepares the coffee, but also automatically separates the content from the container, returning both by-products in two separate drawers, which are already suitable for recycling.

PIFFL offers an application on smartphones that makes available to users (citizens or tourists) outdoor activity material ready to be shared for rental by the owners of such material.

Concular support their clients in the assessment of materials and components in their new and existing buildings. Their service ranges from the digitization as material passports, cost-effective procurement until deconstruction starts and measurable savings of costs, waste and GHG emissions.

Innoplast Levante is specialised in the sector of urban waste containerization, and aims to offer their customers a comprehensive, quality service that guarantees substantial economic savings in their operating costs for everything that has to do with the collection of urban waste.

Replastic Solutions are a circular economy company that is dedicated to the repair and maintenance of all kinds of goods made of plastic. Their innovative, certified and patented method is based on heat-welding repair with the addition of high-density virgin material.