Startups of the month – September

This September, we present you 6 new outstanding startups. All of them already belong to the GoCircular RADAR community.

Kopack offer reusable packaging (envelopes and boxes) that allows shipments to drastically reduce the pollution emitted during the process and avoid waste generation.

Lyra Techs develops and manufactures machine vision solutions to improve plastic recycling processes. They specialise in fragmented and small products, making the most of the waste that the vast majority cannot be recovered.

Recycled Polymers Europe S.L.U. experts in the management, treatment and marketing of recycled plastics in the international market. Their mission is to offer a second life to plastic waste, thus contributing to the circular economy and a more sustainable world.

ROADEO BV offers data driven road quality monitoring and predictive maintenance. Enabling more efficient planning of maintenance and renewal, saving up to 30% on budget while reducing co2 emissions, water usage and asset downtime.

Minima Organics through their reusable, refillable, recyclable or 100% compostable packaging, aim to include the dental hygiene sector in the circular economy cycle.

LOOPPAC manufacture sustainable tools for businesses and consumers. The first product is LOOPPAC® Bags: reusable bags made from recycled plastic bottles from Europe.