Startups of the month – April

In this section we show you a brief summary of the 6 outstanding startups of the month. In this first edition, the recognized startups are already part of the goCircular PASS initiative. We present them to you!

Two startups that focus their field of activity on Technological Development:

  • HUMARA develops software tools that allow a faster design of recycling and waste treatment plants. Their product is called FastPlant (an assistance software for the design of waste treatment and recycling plants)
  • RECYCLEYE develops automated solutions for detection, analysis and traceability in waste management using artificial intelligence and recycling robotics. It also offers data analysis platforms for better operation of recycling plants.

This startup dedicates its activity to Industrial Services:

  • FYCH is dedicated to revaluing packaging. Patented technologies for recycling multilayer packaging, and on the other hand to improve the quality of recycled plastics.

Regarding the field of Manufacturing, this month we highlight these three startups:

  • BETANZOS HB produces high-density fibreboards from rejects from the local forestry industry (coasting, props, bark…) of great strength and durability. No artificial adhesives are used. This allows the boards, at the end of their useful life, to be reusable and recyclable, as they are 100% wood.
  • INDRESMAT redefines the building envelope materials to reduce their energy demand and directly related CO2 emissions. With exclusive technical knowledge in bioPolyurethane (bioPUR) chemistry, they address energy efficiency in 100% of the thermal envelope (windows, doors, walls, roofs, and floors) of buildings and homes through 2 low-footprint products carbon and with a circular approach.
  • CIRCOOLAR produces ethical and sustainable workwear and textile merchandising designed, produced, and made under the principles of the circular economy and social impact.