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Liight is the startup with the mission of motivating people to be more sustainable in their day to day. Through gamification mechanics, smart city systems and the use of artificial intelligence, we encourage actions such as the use of public transport, bicycles or recycling. The reward is the “Liights”, a virtual currency that the user can redeem in different rewards through promotions and direct prizes.

We align the interests and needs of four segments to respond to them reciprocally. On the one hand, citizens (our users) have a platform where they can get rewards for using public transport, bicycles, shared cars, etc. in a gamified manner and in sustainable community and lifestyle settings. Brands, for their part, have a promotion and sales channel in which they can offer their products and services in a hyper-segmented way and also improve their conversion rates and their brand image in terms of sustainability. In addition, we provide a solution that can be implemented in companies and institutions through Liight Corporate to promote sustainability with respect to corporate culture and tracking of the reduction of ecological impact. As for the four beneficiaries, they would be the cities themselves (alliances) through institutions such as city councils, management services, transportation, etc. managing to reduce pollution and, in the long run, also optimize resources and networks through the data collected and processed. Liight is a catalyst that facilitates the transition to a circular city.


Circular Economy Projects

In recent years, Liight has carried out various projects with large companies, institutions and brands seeking to become a benchmark in terms of sustainability and gamification that encourages society to improve its habits and help the environment by making better use of natural resources. . Liight also tested his gamification concept and developed its application to the recycling activity with Ecoembes linked to The Circular Lab.

We have introduced waste recycling in the app. Liight facilitates that more people are encouraged to recycle, as well as locating the recycling points on the map of Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and soon in the main Spanish cities. This allows us to measure the number of times waste is recycled, helping to reduce the lack of waste segregation in our cities. In the same application we can collect the data of who and when they use the application more and know first-hand the level of awareness of that city with respect to the objective of being more sustainable.

At Liight Corporate we expand our scope of impact, improving recycling practices in our clients’ offices. Through the adoption of beacon technology, Liight validates that the user is actually traveling by public transport, bicycle, carpool or recycling. In addition, it makes Liight a more intuitive, passive and autonomous app. More powerful at the technological level and easier at the user level.

Liight’s goal goes beyond earning something in return. Liight wants to generate a movement with which being sustainable has never touched so much, the importance of changing the most sustainable habits so that users, at different levels of awareness, develop a deep awareness of the importance of a circular economy.


Human team

What began as the dream of two young university students today is a professional startup whose team is made up of 7 people (average age 25 years) with multidisciplinary profiles covering all areas related to technology, business, design, marketing and communication with the same mission, vision and values, enthusiasm and a great capacity for effort. The founding team optimizes the diversity that is evident in the larger team. Santiago Jiménez Cortés (27 years old, Architect + Entrepreneur) has a more strategic, creative vision and risky ideas to create an attractive and innovative brand image, while Carlos (24 years old, Telecommunications Engineering and ADE) is more realistic, has the technical and analytical rigor to materialize ideas and find a way to work effectively. Virginia, Javi, Liia, Liv and Jau complete the gala team that, as young entrepreneurs, plan to generate a great positive impact on society and the planet.


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