Babyretail SL

Startup data

  • Name / Babyretail SL

  • Foundation year / 2020

  • Location / La Rioja (Spain)

  • Value chain / Textile

  • Stage in the value chain / Ecodesign, new materials and manufacturing

Startup data

  • Scope of activity / Manufacturing

  • Description of the activity / Ecodesign, new materials and manufacturing

    Circular Baby is more than a brand, more than a fashion, it is a model of upbringing, a philosophy of life in connection with the natural environment and that transmits positive values to our sons and daughters. We manufacture our products with SEAQUAL YARD that collects waste from the sea and transform it into fabric and we work ALL with local suppliers in the Levante area, trying to be as much km0 as possible. The values of the brand are summarized: - 100% recycled fabrics extracted from the bottom of the sea. - Manufactured entirely in Spain by small artisans. - More than 50 people participate directly or indirectly in the manufacturing process. - Versatile products and prolonged use - Minimizing the carbon footprint. The products are designed so that they are not only for maternity, but that they have a prolonged use, that is why we make backpack bags, and that they are not of ephemeral use. We advocate responsible consumption, and our products only respond to the real needs of families and their children. In addition, at Circular Baby we guarantee the profitability of our products and their useful life, so that they do not have an ephemeral use but a lasting use because their quality allows it. Circular Baby is the seal that identifies that your family is conscious of responsible consumption.

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