Startup data
Company Name BETANZOS HB
Value chain Other
Stage in the chain Ecodesign, new materials and manufacturing
Year of incorporation 2014
Main Activity Manufacture of ecological and sustainable wood products.
Betanzos HB produces high-density fibreboards from rejects from the local forestry industry (coasting, props, bark...) of great strength and durability. In the manufacturing process, the lignin in the wood itself acts as a binder for the fibres, and therefore no artificial adhesives are used. This allows the boards, at the end of their useful life, to be reusable and recyclable, as they are 100% wood.
From the wood extracts obtained in the process, it has developed a range of innovative products with a 100% wood composition, and therefore biodegradable: bioadhesives for different sectors, wood composite and biostimulant for agriculture, among others.
Main area of activity Manufacturing
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Country Spain