Bioservice S.Coop. Pequeña

Startup data

  • Name / Bioservice S.Coop. Pequeña

  • Foundation year / 2009

  • Location / Vizcaya (Spain)

  • Value chain / Electronics and ICTs

  • Stage in the value chain / Recycling and second life

Startup data

  • Scope of activity / Other activities

  • Description of the activity / Recycling and second life

    We are a Special Employment Center established as a cooperative in 2009 whose purpose is to promote the labor integration of people with disabilities and collaborate with the environment through the management and reuse of waste. Law 22/2011, of July 28, on waste and contaminated soils in article 17 establishes the obligation on the part of the producer of a waste to entrust the treatment of its waste to a merchant or company authorized under the law. Bioservice as authorized waste manager EUX / 003/16 can manage the following waste (LER codes): • LER 08 03 13 - Waste ink other than those specified in code 08 03 12 (R12-R13) • LER 08 03 17 - Waste printing toner other than those mentioned in 08 03 17 (R12-R13) • LER 16 02 16 - Components removed from discarded equipment other than those specified in code 16 02 15. • LER 15 01 02 - Plastic containers (R13) • LER 20 01 01 - Paper and Cardboard. (R13) The General Disability Law (LGD) 1/2013 of November 29 (includes the obligation on the part of companies, both public and private that have 50 or more employees, to establish a reserve quota on the total number of jobs in the 2% in favor of these workers. Royal Decree 364/2005, of April 8, proposes alternative measures for this compliance, among which is the conclusion of a commercial or civil contract with a Special Employment Center for the provision of external services and accessories to the normal activity of the business. Thus, by hiring our services, they will be able to comply with this obligation, in addition to collaborating with the environment. Our services: to. TONER AND INK CARTRIDGE REMOVAL b. Removal and destruction of PAPER c. Removal of ELECTRONIC DEVICES (WEEE)

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