BOLSETA, Reúso luego existo
Startup data
Company Name BOLSETA
Value chain Packaging
Stage in the chain Consumption and general public
Year of incorporation 2017
Main Activity BOLSETA provides sustainable and supportive solutions to bags and single-use items both in the private sphere and in the company sphere. Our business offers reusable bags manufactured in Barcelona by people at risk of social exclusion from two Foundations, Fundación Ared and Fundación Portolà. By making our BAGS we are inserting these groups socially and professionally.
Our BAGS are pioneers in reusable mesh bags for fruit and vegetables. In the three years that we have been, we have managed to put aside more than 17 Million single-use bags. They are also ideal as a promotional gift with social and environmental value beyond economic.
BOLSETA is also a reusable and supportive packaging, which allows us to complement our products and help reduce the waste we generate. We can adapt the measures to the needs of the company and we are delighted to be part of packaging projects such as Mil y un Verd that has won the gold medal in Italy for social and sustainable packaging this year 2021.
We encourage you to be part of the BOLSETA Movement, where we believe that a different way of doing things is possible, a way in which sustainability, solidarity and proximity are the fundamental pillars.

Main area of activity Manufacturing
Country Spain
Town Barcelona