Circularity S.r.l. Società Benefit
Startup data
Company Name Circularity S.r.l. Società Benefit
Value chain Other
Stage in the chain Recycling and second life
Main Activity Born in 2019, Circularity aims to spread the principles of
Circular Economy, by promoting the recovery and recycling of materials and
by creating a shared environmental, economic, and social awareness.
Circularity supports companies in reducing their resource consumption by
improving their production system, making it regenerative by design and by
reducing their waste production.
The Company reaches its mission in three ways:
a) By connecting companies and plants that generate by-products,
secondary raw materials/End of Waste with companies that could use
them in their production process.
b) By creating a digital platform that allows companies of different
supply chains to analyze, compare and redesign their business model
through a circular economy framework.
c) By designing and sharing a «sustainable mindset» by ad hoc
trainings and consultancy services addressed to help companies
facing sustainability and circular economy issues or gaps.
Main area of activity Consulting
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Country Italy
Town Milan