Startup data

  • Name / CLCircular

  • Foundation year / 2020

  • Location / Vizcaya (Spain)

  • Value chain / Electronics and ICTs

  • Stage in the value chain / Recycling and second life

Startup data

  • Scope of activity / Distribution and logistics

  • Description of the activity / Recycling and second life

    We help perishable food exporting and importing companies to digitalize their logistics chain through a circular economy model with the aim of reducing food waste generated on long-term journeys, especially by sea. CLCircular was born with the aim of helping to reduce the food waste generated in long-term transport, as well as contributing to the digitization of the logistics sector, making it more efficient and responsible with society and the environment. Thanks to the circular economy model used by the company, the environmental impact and the cost of services are reduced. CLCircular is innovative in implementing a circular economy model for real-time monitoring devices in the logistics chain, thanks to this model CLCircular can reduce costs and offer a fair and accessible price for the customer. On the other hand, CLCircular offers services such as Big Data analysis, Block Chain security, Smart Labeling, and calculation of environmental impact. The main benefits that CLCircular provides is that by digitalizing the logistics chain it contributes to reducing food waste, helping in this digital transformation of logistics and contributes to making organizations more transparent and finally the circular economy model causes a positive economic impact as a fair price is offered.

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