COLEA AgriTech

Startup data

  • Name / COLEA AgriTech

  • Foundation year / 2022

  • Location / Germany

  • Value chain / Water, food and nutrients

  • Stage in the value chain / Consumption and general public

Startup data

  • Scope of activity / Technology development

  • Description of the activity / Consumption and general public

    COLEA harnesses the power of microorganisms, such as fungi and bacteria, to address natural challenges in a sustainable manner. By employing the state-of-the-art bio-reactor and process engineering techniques, we optimize the efficacy of these microorganisms. Our goal is to provide olive oil extraction mills with maximum efficiency while transforming the resulting toxic wastewater into valuable biofertilizers for irrigation and fertilization purposes. This approach allows us to reintegrate these resources into the circular economy of the olive fruit agriculture sector, promoting circularity, regeneration, resilience, and biodiversity. By eliminating the need for chemical fertilizers and mitigating water scarcity issues, we not only save substantial costs associated with irresponsible waste disposal but also support olive mills in utilizing waste as a valuable resource. This results in increased profitability and environmental sustainability, ultimately contributing to the production of organic, delicious olive oils and fostering a net-positive impact on both human health and the planet.

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