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Value chain Other
Stage in the chain Consumption and general public
Year of incorporation 2018
Main Activity For years now, dMillennial has actively contributed to the evolution of a more sustainable world by contributing its grain of sand to projects managed in small municipalities to work on rural development.

The organization views the rural environment as a sustainable ecosystem where the agents involved (population, businesses and administration) must work among themselves to strengthen themselves with the professional coordination of the dMillennial team. In this sense, the productivity of the production entities is promoted by positively assessing the direct effect on the population that welcomes them. It is this same population that prioritizes the consumption of the goods and services of these businesses so that they remain in the area and continue to grow. And finally, it is the public sector that, through all these economic movements, feeds and strengthens the resources of the other 2 agents through its powerful tools. All this is united by an entity that manages, coordinates and unites all these points to carry them out.

In this way, dMillennial focuses on developing projects of various kinds (training, cultural, sports, industrial, etc.) that are led by a multidisciplinary team with great interest in the rural environment. This group is usually included in the "Millennial Generation", from which it collects part of its brand name, and which is characterized by that young profile with a high academic, entrepreneurial and outgoing training: The engine of society.

To date, we have taken our projects to more than 200 municipalities around the world: Spanish, Chilean, French, Portuguese, etc. and our goal is to reach more places little by little.

We achieve all this work thanks to the trust of SMEs, public entities and individuals who are committed to their people and trust engineers, designers or economists who have a total commitment to the projects developed by dMillennial where every detail is taken care of personally.
Main area of activity Consulting
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Country Spain
Town Berceo