Startup data
Company Name Ecocir
Value chain Other
Stage in the chain Ecodesign, new materials and manufacturing
Year of incorporation 2015
Main Activity Strategic consulting and training in Circular Economy.

Circular production systems. Diagnostics and transition to a circular model. Circular Economy and Climate Change. Custom courses and workshops. Indicator Design. Good Practices and Best Available Techniques in Circular Economy. Related certifications.

We mainly address companies but our model is also based on collaborations with other consultancies, male and female entrepreneurs, foundations, administration and research and / or innovation centers. We also act as a connector between agents of interest.

The regular collaborations with the Navarra Industry Association (AIN), Tecnun - UNAV, Recircular or Diputación de Gipuzkoa and the working groups of Circular Hub and the Federal Group of Experts on Climate Change of the national socialist party stand out. Training and dissemination is also an important part of our work, highlighting participation in the Eco4Clim, Donostia Talent House, Impact Hub or the Tomás y Valiente Foundation.

The Circular Economy is already the Industrial Revolution of the XXI century.

It is also the main European strategy for recovery and growth.

It is time to position ourselves, shall we start?
Main area of activity Consulting
Country Spain
Town Bilbao