Economía Circular Canarias
Startup data
Company Name Economía Circular Canarias
Value chain Other
Stage in the chain Consumption and general public
Year of incorporation 2021
Main Activity We have professionals trained in Circular Economy, including the first Circular Economy Instructor certified by the Circular Economy Institute in Spain.

In this way, thanks to high-level training, we carry out the following actions:

* Training in Circular Economy and Sustainability (Institutes, companies in general, accommodation, restaurants, artisans).
* Circular Economy projects in different areas such as gastronomy, sustainable tourism, sustainable mobility, Circular Economy for companies...
* Consultancy for local councils, town councils, companies... as a service that advises on how to carry out circular actions.
* Directory of companies in Circular Economy and Sustainability.
* To make known the latest news about Circular Economy in Europe, Spain and the Canary Islands.
Main area of activity Training
Country Spain
Town Breña Alta