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  • Foundation year / 2019

  • Location / Madrid (Spain)

  • Value chain / Other

  • Stage in the value chain / Consumption and general public

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  • Scope of activity / Consulting

  • Description of the activity / Consumption and general public

    The objective of the Sustainability Institute is to provide companies and organizations with the necessary knowledge to be more sustainable, digital tools that help integrate the 3 pillars of sustainability, and virtual spaces for collaboration and networking. We focus on Corporate Sustainability to help organizations incorporate Sustainability into their activity. For this, we have developed 3 lines of activity: 1. Dissemination, training and networking: We organize conferences and online conferences on Sustainability, both for the Institute and for organizations. From the Institute, we provide online training on Sustainability issues, and we carry out tailor-made training for organizations. In addition, we are creating Virtual Communities committed to Sustainability. 2. Development of digital tools: We have our Virtual Space for the development of collaborative projects. And we are developing various digital tools to transform technical studies into monitoring and follow-up tools, thus turning studies into an investment that provides knowledge and makes more efficient use of the organization's resources. 3. Sustainable Mentoring and Technical Studies: We offer organizations guidance, consulting and advisory services on Sustainability through an innovative and sustainable method, taking advantage of digital technologies. We view technical studies as a learning process.

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