Momentos Debuencafé S.L.
Startup data
Company Name Momentos Debuencafé S.L.
Value chain Water, food and nutrients
Stage in the chain Consumption and general public
Year of incorporation 2015
Main Activity Online store of organic coffee in 100% Compostable and Biodegradable capsules.
We do it by betting 100% on sustainability with a Triple Impact model:
- Environmental impact: both our capsules and our packaging are 100% compostable, generating a sustainable life cycle that reduces the generation of waste.
- Social impact: entrusting the handling of our packaging to special employment centers, making deliveries by the hand of Koiki (a courier with positive environmental and social impact) and allocating part of our income to social initiatives.
- Economic-local impact: more than 80% of our suppliers are within the national territory.

Main area of activity Online store
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Country Spain
Town Madrid