Startup data

  • Name / Oscillum

  • Foundation year / 2019

  • Location / Alicante (Spain)

  • Value chain / Packaging

  • Stage in the value chain / Consumption and general public

Startup data

  • Scope of activity / Technology development

  • Description of the activity / Consumption and general public

    Main activity: Oscillum has developed a smart label that shows the quality, freshness, and safety of fresh products. By monitoring metabolites, we can analyze the status of the product throughout its useful life, reducing food waste and increasing food safety in each link in the chain with the same label, starting with the producer, the distributor and finally the consumer. Oscillum sells these labels to the agri-food industry that incorporate them into their packaging, in this way they use a tool that allows them to know the status of each marketed product, reducing the costs derived from potential safety and quality risks, while providing a differentiating and eco-innovative value that will help them to attract more sustainable consumer segments thanks to the fact that with this technology they can reduce their environmental footprint and increase household food security. This technology also adds value to the retailer as it will facilitate decision-making in stock and provides guidance to improve dynamic pricing or product transformation for restaurants (merchants) or "ready-to-eat" products. In addition, we provide consumers with a tool that will make it easier for them to know the status of their food, reducing the waste of products in good condition, saving money, and thus reducing potential poisonings due to contamination. Our main competitive advantage is that we measure the real state of food by direct measurement, allowing it to be functional both in closed and open containers and extending the life of the product. In addition, we avoid food poisoning because it measures the real state of the products. In addition, our technology is completely biodegradable, thus avoiding damaging the environment in case of incorrect residual management.

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