Pix Force

Startup data

  • Name / Pix Force

  • Foundation year / 2016

  • Location / Brazil

  • Value chain / Other

  • Stage in the value chain / Consumption and general public

Startup data

  • Scope of activity / Technology development

  • Description of the activity / Consumption and general public

    Pix Force is a startup specializing in the development of artificial intelligence algorithms focused on computer vision, using machine learning and deep learning techniques to automate the interpretation of images and/or videos, producing structured data. With this, the aim is to generate valuable data, such as standardized, accurate data, with rapid collection, in a cheap solution compared to that performed by human vision. On the market since 2016, the startup has a long history of innovative solutions to operational problems in different sectors of the economy. This concern with innovation applied operationally guaranteed recognition in several awards over time. For five consecutive years it has been at the top of the Brazil ranking of 100 Open Startups in the Artificial Intelligence category and based on all the experience acquired in the innovation market, Pix Force has developed 07 products: Pix Grid: Set of solutions with A.I. algorithms. for inspection of assets such as transmission lines and photovoltaic plants using drones, as well as monitoring non-technical losses in rural areas using satellite images; Pix Counter: Product capable of counting items from an image using smartphones or cameras installed on a production line. This way, the count can be carried out in seconds and the number of identified items is displayed in real time; Pix Quality: System that identifies flaws and defects through cameras that help inspect the quality of your product at a speed and accuracy beyond human vision; Pix 360: Vehicle equipped with cameras, GNSS and LiDAR for inspecting objects on highways, such as poles, guardrails, interference from trees in the wiring, etc.; Deep Track: Product for inspection of linear coal and ore conveyors. Using a drone equipped with thermal and color cameras, it is possible to extract the temperature of each roller automatically; Pix Safety: Control access to restricted areas efficiently, automatically and quickly. Ensures that employees have the appropriate PPE for the risk area; Pix Docs: Platform for processing document data (RG, CPF, invoices, bills, borders, among others), extracting data from fields and incorporating them into forms and ERP systems. The platform also allows comparison between documents. The solutions developed by Pix Force include the creation of software with a responsive interface and highly efficient data structure. In this way, the software's friendly interface allows an intuitive and pleasant interaction for users, facilitating access and use of the functionalities offered by the solution. In addition to products already developed, Pix Force has professionals trained to meet new demands, developing customized products according to the contractor's exact needs, through our innovation laboratory - Pix Labs. We are experts in the development of AI software and are highly committed to continuing to produce innovative and efficient solutions.

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