Pixelabs S.L
Startup data
Company Name Pixelabs S.L
Value chain Electronics and ICTs
Stage in the chain Recycling and second life
Year of incorporation 2015
Main Activity Pixelabs is a technology-based company, with a clear orientation to innovation. Already from the strategic level we aim to position ourselves as a reference for Artificial Intelligence (AI).
We are experts in Computer Vision, Data Science and Natural Language Processing. Our solutions are a powerful tool for process automation and optimization, being transversal to many sectors.
Within the Environment and Sustainability sector, the technologyand tools that we offer, are also candidates for improving the recycling process of materials and waste, as well as for improving the use of natural and material resources. These solutions have a place both in large projects and in small solutions aimed at users in the form of an app.
Current solutions within the field of circular economy:
· Automation through AI and Artificial Vision of the separation process of own and inappropriate materials.
· Identification of containers by Artificial Vision.

Main area of activity Technology development
Country Spain
Town Logroño