Startup data

  • Name / recircular

  • Location / Vizcaya (Spain)

  • Value chain / Other

  • Stage in the value chain / Recycling and second life

Startup data

  • Scope of activity / Online store

  • Description of the activity / Recycling and second life

    RECIRCULAR helps companies give their waste a second life, generating economic savings and environmental and social benefits! recircular is an active platform that connects companies and businesses for the recovery of waste as raw materials. Our algorithm informs in a simple way about the possibilities of reusing each waste and by-product and connects the generating users with potential consumers to replace their needs for virgin raw materials. We offer the space for users to close transactions in the system, so that we can automatically calculate the environmental and social benefits generated. We have developed an Impact Measurement Methodology with which we calculate indicators such as reduction of carbon footprint, water, and energy consumption, as well as improvement in life expectancy. Our users can download the reports generated with these indicators to use them in the fulfillment of their environmental and social objectives, non-financial reports, and green communication strategies, among others.

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