Startup data
Company Name RECYDUO
Value chain Other
Stage in the chain Recycling and second life
Year of incorporation 2020
Main Activity RECYDUO is a company dedicated to offering its clients the garbage collection service, recyclable waste, or any other object willing to dispose of from the door of their Home, Business or Office. For these to be placed in their respective garbage and recycling containers closest to the registered address or domicile.
Our main objective is that every client can through a simple App, after defining the best paid service plan that meets their needs request at the desired time the collection of waste and enjoy the convenience of scheduling its collection and / or requesting it immediately. "Without having to dispose of their valuable time for this activity" and "previously trusting the client to have separated their waste. We will put their garbage to recycle for them”.
We are a company 100% committed to caring for the environment.
We are committed to supporting and contributing to the recycling of the waste that we use daily in our homes. So, our pickers will always be ready to place your bags and other recycling fractions in the respective containers.

Main area of activity Manufacturing
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Country Spain
Town Barcelona