SEN innova
Startup data
Company Name SEN innova
Value chain Other
Stage in the chain Ecodesign, new materials and manufacturing
Year of incorporation 2018
Main Activity We are a company specialized in the implementation of the digitalization and the circular economy in companies, we do it through the identification of opportunities for the circular transformation of its value chain and innovation in processes, this to generate value additional to services or products and that also generates a positive impact for society.

Currently, we help companies in the textile, footwear, and construction sector. We have developed a pact for the circular economy in the construction sector, held events, workshops and training related to the sector, as well as collaboration in the implementation of two economic guides circular.

We identify, accompany and support in the decision-making towards the transition from a linear to circular model through the evaluation of current and future market and policy opportunities and trends. Using metrics and analyzing the most viable strategies to implement and facilitate the transition of organizations and their value chains towards a more viable, sustainable, and competitive economic model.
including the design of transition guidelines, as well as the role of policy development, including the design of circular strategy packages and green communication and marketing strategies.

Main area of activity Consulting
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Country Spain
Town Alicante