Startup data
Company Name Sorbos
Value chain Water, food and nutrients
Stage in the chain Consumption and general public
Year of incorporation 2015
Main Activity Sorbos are the first edible and aromatic straws on the market.

Due to the recurring problems that exist with monkey plastic on our planet, where tons of plastic end up in the sea every year, we decided to look for a real alternative in order to stop the massive consumption of plastic straws around the world .

Our awareness is that the consumer has the possibility of drinking their favorite beverages with a straw in the same way as before, but without having to resort to a product that is used for a few seconds and leaves a residue on the planet for several hundred years. Additionally, we generate a new experience for the consumer, since you can enjoy your drink and in turn eat the straw with different flavors that adapt to any drink.
Main area of activity Manufacturing
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Country Spain
Town Montornes del valles