Startup data

  • Name / Swatchloop

  • Foundation year / 2022

  • Location / Turkey

  • Value chain / Textile

  • Stage in the value chain / Recycling and second life

Startup data

  • Scope of activity / Technology development

  • Description of the activity / Recycling and second life

    Swatchloop is a waste management platform that provides process optimization, efficient recycling and transparent traceability by digitizing textile recycling processes. For more efficient recycling of textile waste, it identifies wastes technically and provides smart suggestions to ensure correct sorting and collaboration with machine learning. In addition, it provides data analysis with the ability to monitor all recycling processes in a sustainable and transparent manner, from the QR code to the final consumer. Environmentally; Swatchloop reduces zero raw material consumption, reduces C emissions and water footprints, as it ensures efficient recycling and reuse of wastes. Swatchloop aims to reduce at least 1.8 million tons of C emissions annually, to increase the recycling rate from textile to textile, which is 1%, to above 10%, and to increase the recycling rate, which is 15%, to over 40% by ensuring the digitization of waste. By the use of the digital code created by the system on product labels, consumers will be informed about the waste cycle and environmental benefits will be provided by raising consumption awareness.

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