Startup data
Company Name Visualeo
Value chain Other
Stage in the chain Recycling and second life
Year of incorporation 2017
Main Activity Visualeo is a technological system that allows creating visual evidence with photos and videos of any asset or situation and sharing it with the community or environment. After the verification is done, a legally valid report is obtained and will show that the photos and videos were taken on the date, time, and place where the images were taken.

The main tool is its App, which is highly versatile in the field of circular economy, especially to carry out traceability verification actions in the different value chains. This makes it possible to carry out actions to verify that the selective waste collection service and its logistics system function normally, from the manufacture of products, their selective collection, and their treatment in sorting plants.

01. Visualeo App: With it you can make verifications with photos and videos with legal proof value in which geopositioning, date and time are also included. The purpose is to "notarize" with the help of blockchian (which we use as a trusted third party).

02. Visualeo Verifiers Network: We have a network of verifiers throughout the national territory, in the event of not being able to travel when making a verification. Our verifiers use the same Visualeo app and perform the verification with legal proof value.

03. Visualeo App integrated into Drones (currently under development): the same Visualeo app, but integrated into a drone to take certified photos of drone flights on land, sites, etc.

Main area of activity Technology development
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Country Spain
Town Madrid