Acciona innovation program for startups I’MNOVATION

ACCIONA launches the I’MNOVATION program, an open innovation program that actively collaborates with startups, scaleups, spin-offs, technology centers and universities with the aim of co-developing new solutions that will respond to the challenges we face:

  • climate emergency.
  • scarcity of water and sanitation.
  • need for resilient infrastructure.
  • innovation and the development of more sustainable cities.

Thus, the program, with a duration of 6 months and a budget of €50,000, seeks disruptive technological solutions that respond to the challenges that exist in the water sector, construction, concessions, energy, real estate and processes. financial. The selected startups will be able to co-develop their idea together with I’MNOVATION.

The program is aimed at companies established, less than 7 years old since their creation and that fall into one of the following typologies:

Startups that have a Minimum Viable Product of the technology or solution proposed to solve the challenge.
Spin offs of knowledge agents that have a new development in technologies related to our businesses with market potential.
Scale ups that have a proven solution in the market that can respond to the proposed challenge but that must be adapted to the specific circumstances of the business.
Research, innovation centers and research groups with solutions / technologies validated at least in a laboratory environment that can be adapted or applied to the use case proposed by ACCIONA.

For more information, the program legal rules can be consulted here.

Source: I’MNOVATION website