Circular Packaging Challenge announces the 16 finalist startups

Circular Packaging Challenge, the European competition between startups that promotes the circularity of packaging, has announced the 16 finalist startups that will be present at the final event, which will take place on Thursday 17 November in Logroño.

After review and evaluation by the jury of the 120 entries received, 8 finalists have been selected for each of the challenges, with a total representation from nine different countries. The finalist startups were the following:

Finalists challenge 1. Solutions for Industry:

Ampliphi, A Top BV, BioBTX BV, B’ZEOS, Creapaper, Encapsulae, Fych Technologies, Jospak.

Finalists challenge 2. Packaging – Citizen Connection:

Bin-e, Blue Room Innovation, Diwama, Empower, Greyparrot, Junee, Lixo and VYTAL Global.