European study of financing for circular economy startups, Q2

At this link you can access the second 2023 report of the first European-level study of the circular economy startup sector, developed in collaboration by NetZeroInsights and TheCircularLab-Ecoembes.

This second report of the year (Q2) highlights an increase in financing for startups related to the packaging sector. The three main value chains of key products have changed compared to the previous period, in which Electronics and ICT ocuppied the first place, with €187M of investment, followed by the plastics sector, with €180M and, in third place, packaging, with €144M. In this second period, in the first place we can find the batteries and vehicles sector, with €452M of investment, followed by the construction sector, with €99M, and in third place, the plastics sector, with €58M.

For more details, the report can be consulted here.