Highlight your project to attract investors

Experts from the Once Foundation explain to new entrepreneurs ten tricks to generate interest in potential investors for their project. Among them, aspects such as finding out in advance if the investor knows the sector and is interested, as well as having all the presentation material  and planning prepared for possible unexpected meetings, with an attractive speech, stand out.

Preparing a quick pitch is essential, where the tone employed must be taken into account as well as to know how to clearly explain important points such as the main competitors and target audience, if the investor does not know the market, or start at more advanced points in case he already knows the previous ones. These experts highlight the elevator pitch as a very interesting model.

Another attitude to work is to be agile in the answers. To consolidate the relationship with the investor, it is necessary to demonstrate that you have well-trained teams, growth potential, etc. and of course, that you are able to make good use of the financing. Other noteworthy aspects are, for example, knowing how to listen to investors and accept their advice, having flexibility in negotiations so that everyone is satisfied, as well as regularly informing investors to maintain the relationship and network by attending industry-related environments. In this 10-minute video you can go deeper into these tips.

Link: youtube video