New EU framework to accelerate clean technologies

The European Commission has adopted a new Temporary Crisis and Transition Framework to promote support measures in key sectors for the transition to a net zero economy, in line with the Industrial Green Deal Plan.

This new framework further amends and partly extends the 23 March 2022 Temporary Crisis Framework to allow Member States to support the economy in the context of Russia’s war against Ukraine, and will help accelerate investment and funding for clean technology production in Europe.

Thus, it prolongs the possibility for Member States to continue supporting the necessary measures for the transition towards a net-zero industry, referring in particular to plans to accelerate renewable energy and energy storage, and for the decarbonisation of industrial production processes. , which can be established until December 31, 2025. At the same time, it introduces new measures, applicable until that date, to further accelerate investments in key sectors for the transition to a net zero economy, allowing support for the investment for the manufacture of strategic equipment, as well as for the production of key components and for the production and recycling of related critical raw materials.