Startups of the month – April

Ampliphi applies technological solutions for brands and packaging suppliers that facilitate the transition to a circular economy. To do this, through their software, they quantify the customer’s plastic footprint, in order to propose new sustainable packaging solutions, as well as possible opportunities for the business in terms of the collection and recycling of plastic waste.

Plastiks is a platform that facilitates the achievement of the SDG targets through sponsorship of plastic waste recovery in developing countries. It is mainly aimed at companies that produce and/or use single-use plastic packaging, although it is also aimed at companies committed to ESG. Thanks to the use of blockchain, it carries out verified plastic recovery projects.

bigD develops the design activity taking into account the principles of circular economy in all their projects. For bigD, circular economy and eco-design are part of their process from the zero phase to mass production. That is why they give great importance to eco-design, and there is a specialist within the team who is training the staff by implementing the ISO 14006 standard.

BeFC proposes batteries for low-energy devices that are made from paper to produce energy from enzymes. The batteries are free of metal and plastics and are reusable. It is the alternative to current low-power miniature batteries and creates new opportunities for innovative solutions in portable health monitoring, single-use medical diagnostics, logistics and IoT.

Ecobolsa Hispania is focus on the marketing of reusable bags in different materials, RPET and plastics recycled or collected from the sea.

Market Sostenibles is an online market for small sustainable producers, for direct sale to the end customer and hotels, restaurants and caterings. They work with national producers and artisans carefully selected for their good practices in terms of sustainability. Within their network they have begun to identify SMEs in the agri-food sector that are applying circular economy approaches.