Startups of the month – August

This month we present three of the startups that are part of our goCircular Radar ecosystem:

Fundeen is the first co-investment platform authorized by the CNMV that allows individuals to invest in renewable energy projects from just €500, something until now reserved for large electricity companies and investment funds. Its objective is to make sustainable energy generation projects viable in which all citizens participate, offering complete, clear and transparent information.

SOUJI is an innovative liquid that, when mixed with used cooking oil, in the correct proportions, and shaken for 1 minute, instantly transforms into an ecological multipurpose detergent with a pleasant aroma. Without caustic soda, nor any risk of manipulation. Its function is to promote the recycling and reuse of oil waste from the point of origin, whether private homes or hospitality establishments. Promoting the circular economy. You only need to purchase the product, and it is the customer who makes the mixture without risk and with little time.

TRESERRES is dedicated to consulting and auditing in the areas of waste and circular economy, sustainability and awareness, and environmental responsibility and compliance.