Startups of the month – August

This August we meet three startups focused on Ecodesign, production and new materials, and another three focused on Consumer and Citizen:

EKOMODO, are dedicated to creating different sustainable accessories (from decorative items to backpacks), both for citizens and companies. Their production is based on local manufacturing and the use of sustainable materials.

FIZZY CAPS replaces bottle and container caps that today are not 100% recyclable, reusable and/or recoverable, through the invention, development and operation of a proprietary patented capping system that offers solutions in the field of carbonated beverages.

GREEN FOREST, dedicated to the design and manufacture of clothing made with ecological fabrics of quality and durability that respect the environment and people. This company produces with respect for fair trade and the environment.

INFINITIA RESEARCH, is an industrial startup that provides engineering and R&D services in materials. They help their clients to minimize material defects (fractures, corrosion, claims with clients / suppliers, reverse engineering …). Nowadays, they have 3 business lines: Forensic Engineering, Innovation in materials, Strategic design, and prototyping.

OHHNA, clothing brand designed under sustainable and responsible criteria. All its products are made with high quality ecological raw materials. Its characteristic pastel tones are the result of the mixture of recycled cotton already coloured, together with organic cotton.

PANTALA, a fashion subscription service that offers women the possibility of renting Spanish and sustainable designer clothes on a monthly basis. Through their website, they allow you to rent or buy the products, avoiding the accumulation of clothes in the wardrobe and encouraging their circular use.