Startups of the month – July

Meep is a Spanish startup that offers a mobility application that integrates all means of transport in a city, both public (buses, metro, tram) and private, including taxis, ferries, bicycles, depending on the location, and with the possibility of combine them. Its objective is to offer a product that improves the quality of life of people and the health of the planet with a more accessible and respectful transport model that allows reducing costs and polluting emissions into the environment.

Sorbos are the first edible and aromatic straws on the market. Every year tons of plastic end up in the sea, so the purpose of Sorbos is to stop the massive consumption of plastic straws throughout the world. Their purpose is that the consumers have the possibility of drinking their favorite drinks with a straw in the same way as before, but without using a product for a few seconds and leaving a residue on the planet for several hundred years. Additionally, it generates a new experience for the consumer, since they can enjoy their drink and in turn eat the straw with different flavors that adapt to any drink.

DAN * NA is a biotechnology company founded in Barcelona, dedicated to the study and development of new biomaterials and bioplastics for industrialization. It provides solutions adapted to the challenges of new technologies, through materials engineering, for sectors such as mobility electronics or regenerative medicine (tissue engineering). DAN*NA obtains its raw material from organic waste, which is transformed using molecular technology, green chemistry processes and Artificial Intelligence into a bioplastic with high added value. Their mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable technological materials.