Startups of the month – July

The 6 highlighted startups of this July edition are dedicated to one of the following stages of the value chain: Recycling and second life, Consumer and Citizen or Eco-design, production and new materials.

Within the stage of Recycling and second life, we have:

ATRIA INNOVATION, help their clients find new business opportunities from recycling and the recovery of materials and waste. In addition, they look for innovative solutions both to introduce recycled materials in the products, and to find a way out of the waste that is currently discarded.

AUARA, non-profit organisation dedicated to making bottles with recycled plastic that store bottled natural mineral water, social and sustainable. The profits are intended to make it possible for the world’s most needy communities to have access to clean water.

In terms of startups focused on the field of Consumer and Citizenship, we find:

BRIDEPALLA, design, produce, and distribute sustainable promotional gifts, working under sustainability criteria. They are focusing on the social aspect as a work model and using plants and seeds as raw materials.

COLLYRA, dedicated to electronic and software development, are focused on selling IoT technology based on sensors and artificial intelligence for the measurement and analysis of parameters in sectors such as water quality, agriculture, and smart cities.

Finally, we meet 2 startups with expertise in eco-design, production and new materials.

CONSTRUCÍA, promotes the change of model towards a sustainable construction, positive for the ecosystem and for the health of people, choosing for its buildings healthy materials that can return to the earth once used, or reuse indefinitely in the production cycle.

DAN*NA, dedicated to the biotechnology sector, focuses on the study and development of new biomaterials and bioplastics for industrialisation, providing technical solutions to meet the challenges of cutting-edge technology.