Startups of the month – March

This March, we present these startups that are part of our goCircular Radar community:

Encapsulae develops additives to accelerate the degradation of polymers to less than 180 days in compliance with EN13432. It also have proprietary patented technology for encapsulation techniques for active packaging.

Oimo have developed three bioplastic materials that are biodegradable in 4-6 weeks: Oimo SRi5, with mechanical properties similar to LDPE suitable for semi-rigid applications; Oimo Ri5, that has properties similar to polypropylene and is suitable for rigid packaging and finally Film Oimo, that is used for extrusion applications of materials.

Atomler has developed a trading platform with suppliers for recycled plastic. Their search engine allows filtering by type of plastic, transformation process, colour, shape and geographical location. Suppliers are mainly located in Europe, however, they have suppliers in America and Asia.

AdNSostenible is focus on development and transformation of the value chain towards the circular economy. It offers training, advice, and implementation of solutions in the circular economy, as well as incorporation of new business models (“economy as a service”).

Greentray commercializes reusable and recyclable packaging for the food sector.

CMPlastik creates new products derived from recycled materials. The objective of CMPlastik is to contribute with its activity to the promotion of a circular economy based on minimizing the use of virgin materials and to the preservation of the environment.