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In today’s interview we get to know the startup Greyparrot. We interview its business development manager, Roland Thompson.

What problem does your start-up address and what solution does it propose?

The global waste crisis is escalating. By 2050, we’re expected to generate a staggering 3.40 billion tons of waste annually, up from today’s 2.01 billion tons. Yet, as it stands, we only measure less than 1% of the waste we process. The lack of comprehensive waste data significantly hinders informed decision-making, and stands as a hurdle in the road towards a circular economy.

That’s where Greyparrot comes in.  Through our AI Analyzer, we capture exhaustive data on waste, allowing MRFs to not only boost their efficiency but also recover a higher quantity of recyclable materials. This same data steers packaging producers towards more sustainable choices, revealing the post-consumer journey of their products. And that’s just the beginning.

How do you expect the sector to evolve? And what expectations do you have for your start-up?

In the waste sector, we anticipate a future marked by greater openness and appetite for inter-industry collaboration. Tech companies like ours will leverage their strengths towards the shared goal of achieving a circular economy. This collaborative approach is crucial in addressing the complex challenges of waste management, and our company has been built around this ethos.

Our open API enables seamless integration with other systems, positioning us to supply insights to stakeholders across the entire waste ecosystem and amplify our impact.

Any new developments in the near future that you would like to share with the rest of the start-ups?

Greyparrot is on the brink of unveiling significant product updates and partnerships that will drive us forward in our mission to use AI to significantly improve recycling efficiency and decrease the environmental impact of waste.

Our technology, already deployed in 14 countries, integrates with various systems including robotics, automated sampling cabins and third-party software to enhance efficiency.

In the upcoming year, we are set to expand our global reach, forging connections with key stakeholders in the waste management ecosystem, empowering them with the insights to unlock their full impact.

In what areas would you like to collaborate with other start-ups, companies or other organisations?

AI is already proving crucial in unlocking that vital data and enhancing transparency in waste management, but in order for the industry to reap the full benefits, its adoption needs to be simple, straightforward and intuitive.

Our integration system, Greyparrot Sync, is designed with this in mind, allowing organisations to take full advantage of waste intelligence without the complex hurdles they might expect.

By unlocking valuable waste data, we can enable smarter decision-making across the waste value chain, empowering brands, retailers, recyclers, policymakers and consumers with the insights needed to move the dial.

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