European study of financing for circular economy startups, Q4

The report on financing for circular economy startups during the last quarter of 2023 is now available. In this report, developed in collaboration by NetZeroInsights and TheCircularLab-Ecoembes, we highlight that 2023 has marked historical highs in financing for packaging startups ( despite a decrease in this last quarter), in contrast to the decrease experienced by the rest of the value chains since their takeoff after the COVID-19 pandemic.

In relation to the ranking of the 3 main value chains, the first place continues to be for the batteries and vehicles sector (although the amount of investment drops compared to the previous period), the second place is now occupied by the food and water sector and nutrients, with €105M, and in third place we find the construction sector, with €85M.

For more details, the report can be downloaded here.

Source: Net Zero Insights